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Personally designed lessons with Excellent Tutors in 1-1 setting, online or a small class. Tutors are selected based on qualifications and a strong desire to help students succeed. Students benefit from teacher's attention and lessons focus on individual students' learning styles. Bonding between teacher and student allows for increased engagement, motivation and rapid results. Lessons work in conjunction with the classroom curriculum.
All Tutors have Full Security Clearance.

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Excellent Tutors have award-winning, test prep and academic tutoring qualifications with certification, classroom teaching experience and professional experience in the field of study.

Proven and long standing record of great results, increased scores and self-confidence demonstrate our success!


  • Canadian Language Benchmark training
  • Personal Tutoring
  • Pretesting Qualification
  • Business Writing

Classes held at:

  • Village Square Library (NE)
  • Forest Lawn Library (SE)
  • North Hill Library (NW)
  • Fish Creek Library (SE)

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I work in a corporate environment and I wanted help improving writing in emails and process documents as well as giving small presentations to project teams. My tutor worked on a plan specific to my job and was able to quickly understand the wording and format writing to help me be successful. I feel much more confident and my job is easier now.

Adult, IT Business Unit


My child struggles with math and with tutoring has been able to grasp concepts simply and without feeling frustrated, and hopeless. I’ve seen progress at school and in my child’s motivation. I plan to continue regularly as the 1-1 teaching really suits my child.

Grade 3, Calgary


The tutor from Gold Key Learning really helped my child learn to improve her reading and writing. By the end of the 5th session, she was able to read ½ a book almost by herself! I think the tutor is really good at connecting with kids and assessing their learning style then customizing the lesson to fit what that student needs. My daughter looks forward to seeing her tutor every week and having fun as she learns new things.

Grade 1, Calgary


I’m new to Canada, I was nervous about to do an interview for a job. My tutor help me to speak English better and I feel better and I got the job so I am happy.

ESL Adult, Calgary


Thank you for tutoring my son in grade 1, his teachers at school are so impressed and they have no concerns for him this year. With your help we were able to get him into a charter school so he’ll have even more opportunities. He really enjoys being tutored as they are always bringing new books, cards and games! I will be putting my younger child into tutoring next year when she turns 3.

Grade 1, Calgary
Children tutored